Thursday, November 26, 2015

In Memory - Mary Wilson - Tattoo

When thinking about the reasons in which I wanted to get my next tattoo, there was no better a reason. I didn't want to get the usual and predictable Cancer Ribbon. I wanted to get something more personalized. 

When growing up I had some difficulties expressing my emotions properly in conversation. I thankfully had the opportunity to write to my mother, she always made sure to write in the journal we had to make she understood where my head was at when I was going through some difficulties growing up. When I moved home I found a journal, which after every entry mom would write "Love you more", which to this day rings clear to me. She would always say that to me when I had to leave, when we texted... this was something to keep by my heart to remember her and keep her near. Here is the finished product that I feel would have made her proud. 


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