Monday, September 7, 2015

The Beginning at the End

Seasons come and seasons go
Some bring warmth and some see snow
Rain may cleanse, greens start to grow
But the cold may bring a beginning unknown

Life’s like a roller-coaster, most would say
Take the good with the bad, don’t fret its ok
Your journey is long, but this one is true
You walk the road that was meant for you

I've seen a whole lot from the season just past
I've lost more than I thought, I once didn't have
The statement is true, you may come to loose
Life’s only cleaning what wasn't meant for you

I’ve had a small break from the life I once lead
I stand here with memories, they've brought solace in the silence I’ve had
I’ve come to see this ride that I’m on
It had been scary, but there’s more that comes to move on

In the past weeks I’ve moved passed the fear and been stung
I’ve reflected on the circumstances I once was perplexed on
I see that life can bounce back, like the end of a rain storm
It’s just in those hailed moments, you need to breathe from

The downpour is gone, or so it should be
I’ve begun to start a beginning, in fall, in the trees
I’ll see what comes from life for me
As this summer fades out, I’ll have much to see

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