Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rainy Dayz

The clouds are rolling in again,
I try my strength to pull my pretend,
I hide myself in places in which meet ends,
My battle has begun again

I look in myself to find my way,
I search for an answer to make my day,
I dwell on what the past brought to me,
I reflect to see what only is in me

My tune has changed, my paths aren’t clear,
I had so many aspirations that were so dear,
Making sense of what has come,
Is draining my soul from what I’ve become

Alone you see, all the good and bad,
The bad in which reflects of the times you had,
Its magnified by myself, you see,
I hadn’t made mistakes from regret in me,

I wait to find what the future holds,
While holding onto a past yet to unfold,

I know it’s best to let go, but the soul can only change so much I’m told

Will Wilson

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