Sunday, March 9, 2014

Alysia Graham Memorial

I thought I would try to clear some of the statements made about the Memorial service that took place last night for Alysia Graham after the report the "Toronto Star" came out last night. 

We released 22 lanterns at the corner of Maitland and Jarvis at 10pm.. We had do this impromptu style but it was successful and all in attendance at the Memorial (including Kristi Graham, Austin Graham and close family friends) had joined for the Lantern Memorial.  It moved Kristi and Austin , as would have been what Alysia would loved to see. We said our peace and let them fly with the memories we hold with love in our hearts. 

We as the Vistek family had celebrated her life in the way her family wanted. Many of us within the work family had planned to attend a gathering with Alysia on Saturday March 9th to celebrate her 22nd birthday.  The Memorial  last night moved our hearts from the sorrow fell and on going, to cherished memories. It was a gathering full of love, memories and for myself I am thankful that she had made an impact on all our lives.

In the "Toronto Star" article the reporter mentioned that that Kristi had declined the offer to attend the memorial when asked. Quoting "It was too soon to let her go".  I had spoke with Kristi to update her upon the location of the Memorial and she had agreed from the start Austin and her would attend. Kristi made this clear to me from the conversation, saying she wanted to hear what everyone had to say about Alysia. 

I thought it was a duty to correct the Toronto Star on their mistake, and hope this helps clear the wrong information quoted. I send my deepest thoughts and condolences to the Graham family again through this hard time.

xoxo Will Wilson xoxo

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