Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gay Bachelor Blog - Will

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So I am now a featured bachelor on this blog, thought I would post the bio I used here... then the link as I would love anyone who is reading my blog.... if any ... to read my bio from the dating platform. If I do have readers on this thing I'm sure you've seen the growth from the beginning but this is to put it in words. 

Well with writing something about yourself you try to find points in which made the most impacts in your life and why they helped make you who you are today…. So let me start with when I first moved to the city of Toronto 8 years ago as an “innocent young adult”. I suppose the story comes to be said pretty often but in many various versions that make up the adults we are today. I saw this place as the city where my dreams could come true, where I would feel welcomed by almost everyone and for the first time at that point felt completely safe with whom I was. As a younger male finding security in the city was rough especially with the responsibilities as an adult but that I feel helped mold my foundation to whom I am now. Although along the way I made some fun choices that led to trouble at times, but that’s what growing up is all about. I took in all that was around me and evaluated and started to prioritize where I wanted my lives direction to go towards. While doing all that I did live by the saying “Believe in the kindness of strangers” as everyone to me at that point was. I now from that have the closest friends to whom I do call my family. Life is what you make of the options that have presented themselves. Love is a deeper understanding of yourself and who you love, to find happiness in life you need to be open and honest to yourself and everyone around you.
A little more in depth of who I am per say... I am an extrovert so I naturally enjoy meeting and socializing with people. I have recently started to actually enjoy a good novel to read to draw some inspiration for the writing I am currently doing. I enjoy the outdoors, travelling and adventures around in new places. I currently do work within a few different fields but my main focus is on the more artistic reaches of life. I am an Aries by the truest meaning, so I thrive off staying active so I try to make the gym on the regular as of late and doing something fun to even it out.
Through the years my “ideal man” has changed in character, I am looking for the Man not the Boy of my life. I want someone who has a good sense of character and a focus in life. Someone who is comfortable in his own skin and isn’t afraid to show it. Communication is key so if I can’t carry a conversation with you things may go sour quickly… and by saying this I am not wanting someone who talks too much either because arrogance is different the confidence. Looks are important but personality will win a heart like mine.
If you want you can find me on Twitter just follow @WillJHWilson. 

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