Friday, February 4, 2011


On the date of Feb 2,2011 a mentor in my life, a friend, a inspiration to a young soul had been taken away from our world.

It was noon when I had found out that she had passed, All I could think about is that it wasnt true. I heard from a unlikely source, and didnt think it was possible. I was well aware that she battled Breast Cancer for years and was a fighter. Fighter meaning that she would go on, fight for her life, as she did gratiously and with such love and compassion for anyone she knew.

When I met Crystal it was when I had talked to her via phone to Intern for her company Crystal Casting Inc. I am a actor in the city of Toronto true, but I feel I need to learn upon all aspects to become a success as I know all journeys have paths. She was such an amazing soul, from first appearance in my life she was nothing less then GREAT.

I rememberthe first day, it was a busy day at Milestones castiong and we were working on a new project, She mentioned to me that things can get a little hectic but to learn when its busy is the best way to do so. She always kept an eye on me to make sure I wasnt loosing my mind but she knew that I would work my hardest because the respect she gave me that wasnt earned at time.

For the summer months of 2010 we had worked together as I assisted her and was learning how things worked in the casting world. I learned how to approach auditions, she even got me to do readings with her auditions which made me feel more and more comfortable as an actor. She would get me to audition in some as if she wanted to see me succeed in my dreams. Learning more and more about this bright individual made me feel how lucky I am to be so young and to have met her. She never asked anything much from me, and I was always giving my 150% because I was greatful to know that in Toronto, and the Industry there was a lot to be learned.

It is with great sadness that I am writing this but I want her memory to live on. She was an amazing person and always took care of others, and that we should never forget. She was a devoted wife, a great friend, a sensational boss, she meant a lot to all of us.

I will most likely post along a few more memories as time goes on, If anyone else has any great memories to share and feel they woud like to do so on here please let me know. She was a lot to me, I hope she knew so...

xoxo Will xoxo


  1. She knew Will. Thank you for the kind words about her. She thought very highly of you and was not worried about your future at all.
    You are never a guest anywhere Lena and I are.
    Much love to you...

    Lena and Blaine

  2. Only the good die young...and she was the best!